Do you often wonder what it will take to have a successful marriage?

After maybe 1, 5, 10, or more years, you start thinking it may never happen.

You’ve been successful in other areas of your life, but when it comes to your marriage, it’s been tough.

You see other marriages drift apart and think, “Oh, that could never happen to us… At least, I hope not! “

But here you are again – sitting in silence, feeling lonely and overwhelmed, exhausted from hiding your emotions, and the two of you are just not living on the same page.

Now what?

1Pet. 4:8 says - love one another deeply; it’ll cover a multitude of sins.

If only it were that easy. You’ve tried everything you could think of – you started listening to self-help gurus and reading their books. But have more questions than they have answers.

You started this marriage together, but now you wonder where so much got out of sync.

Where did what worked so well once - get so broken? You know that something must change to save your marriage. But what? And how?

>> Only with Jesus can you have a marriage based on a love and respect connection with your spouse <<

You and Jesus bring the change you want to see in your marriage – the marriage you’ve always dreamed of having.

Here are your 5 secrets – this is coming from someone married for almost 40 years - to the same man and loving each other more …year after year – me =)

1. Apologize anyway – Romans 14:19

Look for the positive in each other first. Neither of you is perfect so leave the junk in the junk pile - outside your conversation.  This allows you both to be vulnerable to open up for honest communication.

2. Marriages take work - Ephesians 2:19–21

Jesus needs to be the cornerstone of your life in every area. Ask the Holy Spirit to be in your conversations, decisions, choices, and misunderstandings. Let truth win on its own - it doesn’t need you to be its representative.

3. Forgive – Matthew 6:14

You are to forgive, so you are forgiven by God. You can finally leave the past in the past, kick regrets and being overwhelmed to the curb. Don’t let the enemy get a foothold in your life to kill, steal or destroy your love.

4. Understand more than to be understood. - Philippians 2:4

An opinion is just that; it’s only the point of view of someone you love. It doesn’t make them right and you wrong, but it gives them a right to express their thoughts as well as you.

5. Listen more and talk less. Prov. 17:27

You’ve heard why you have 2 ears and 1 mouth; need I say more? Fewer words, and you’re seen as being wise. Waiting your turn to speak validates the other’s feelings, and you are seen as attentive >> remember - don’t interrupt, use name-calling etc.

There you go - 5 ways to love like Jesus. You will receive far more than what you give in the Kingdom of God. The change you want to see in your marriage starts with you.

When Jesus answered your prayer, He chose you!