"What Matters

Premarital Coaching

Are you in the "pre-engagement" or "pre-marital" stage?


 Build a better marriage before you say - “I Do” when you:
  • Discover the Essential Ingredients for Your Ideal Marriage.
  • Confidently Navigate Every Season of Life.
  • Equip Yourself with Christ-Centered H.E.A.R.T. Power Tools for a Lifetime of Enduring Love.
  • Learn to Embrace Understanding, Trust, and Clarity as the Cornerstones of Your Relationship.

The “What Matters Most” Premarital Coaching Package Includes:

  • Launching on this premarital coaching journey is essential for several reasons:
    • Foundation for Lasting Love: Building a Christ-centered foundation sets the stage for a marriage that withstands the tests of time and grows in love.
    • Temperament Understanding: Knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses creates a deeper connection, fostering empathy and harmony.
    • Spiritual Connection: Understanding why a Christ-centered marriage matters keeps your relationship rooted in faith, love, and shared values.
    • Unity through Agreement: Emphasizing the "Power of Agreement" strengthens your bond, ensuring you navigate life's challenges together.
    • Biblical Intimacy: Exploring intimacy from a biblical perspective enhances your spiritual and emotional connection.
    • Effective Communication: Learning to communicate based on temperament ensures your conversations are heard and deeply understood.
    • Constructive Conflict Resolution: Establishing rules for conflict resolution promotes open dialogue, preventing issues from escalating and fostering growth.
    • Mutual Understanding of Roles: Exploring relationship rules and roles helps both of you to understand your responsibilities, fostering a balanced partnership.
    • Godly Financial Planning: Aligning your financial plans with God's guidance provides a solid framework for a stable and prosperous future together.

    In essence, this coaching program is a roadmap to a resilient, Christ-centered marriage where love flourishes, and you navigate life hand in hand, grounded in faith and understanding.