Hi, I’m Deborah Skomba

Hi! I’m Deborah Skomba, the founder of Heart to Heart Ministry and Coaching, an experienced therapist and coach dedicated to guiding individuals and couples toward healthy, Christ-centered relationships.

My ministry spans over a decade, where I have helped to empower countless clients to discover their true identity in Christ and navigate the complexities of their personal and relational journeys.

As a Christ-centered, Spirit-led woman of God, my over 40-year marriage is a testament to my commitment and wisdom. With two married adult children and five cherished grandsons, family is at the heart of my life and work.

My passions extend beyond my practice. I find joy in traveling and exploring beautiful destinations. Meaningful conversations and connecting with others on a heart to heart level are both reflective and authentic delights. Walking by the shore with my man and creating beautiful meals to share are soul-nourishing activities that bring peace and fulfillment to my heart.

Having a compassionate heart and a genuine desire to listen and understand, I am dedicated to creating a safe space for others to open up and share their hearts. Through my ministry and coaching, I offer support, guidance, and the tools individuals and couples need to build thriving, God-centered relationships.