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Before we begin, grab your latte or reheat your tea and get comfy because we're diving into a common concern many face in their marriage-

"Am I doing enough to make it work?"

If you've ever wondered about this yourself, you're not alone!

Relationships, especially marriages, require ongoing effort and commitment. But what happens when you feel like your efforts aren't enough?

Firstly, it's essential to acknowledge that doubts are normal. No marriage is perfect, and it's okay to question your efforts from time to time.

However, dwelling on these doubts can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety - and who wants that said nobody ever!

Communication is Key. Have an open and honest conversation with your spouse about your concerns. Share your feelings and listen to theirs without judgment. Communication lays the foundation for understanding and growth in your relationship.

What if you are not communicating well or not at all?


  1. Focus on Progress, Not Perfection. Instead of fixating on what they haven't done, celebrate the progress you've made together. Every small effort counts, whether it's a heartfelt conversation, a thoughtful gesture, or a shared moment of laughter.
  2. Seek Support Don't hesitate to seek guidance from Godly trusted friends, family members, or a professional counselor. Sometimes an outside perspective can provide clarity and new insights into your situation.
  3. Prayer and Faith- As a Christian, lean on your faith and trust in God's plan for your marriage. Pray together with your spouse, seeking guidance and strength from above. Remember that God is with you every step of the way.
  4. Take some time to reflect: think about your own actions and motivations. Are there areas where you can improve? Be gentle with yourself, but also be willing to grow and learn from your experiences.

Ultimately, making your marriage work is a journey that requires positive words, patience in the waiting, and prayer for understanding more than being understood. It's about showing up for each other, even on tough days, and choosing love over and over again

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Remember, dear friend, you are enough. Your efforts, no matter how small they may seem, are valuable and meaningful in the journey of marriage.

So, keep making the effort, keep pressing forward, and trust in the Lord and His power of love to strengthen your bond.

Always With love and blessings,