Be still and know that I am LORD” Ps. 46:10a

So many sunrises, sunsets and their joyful magnificent colors have slipped by me. Moments that reminded me of God’s vast handiwork and His continual presence.

How many precious moments have slipped by you? All too often have you murmured “missed another one”? Just thinking about it, my anxiety starts changing my heartbeat.

Wait! Where’s the pause button?

Are you thinking the same thing? It doesn’t have to be this way. I want to soak up sunsets and sunrises with my eyes, inhale their beauty as if the colors were perfumed and touch them as if finger painting like a child. I want to hold onto those simpler times.

While we can’t go back in time, we can bring simpler times to our lives now.

I have learned God has done it in Shabbat. A night into day to break from the routine of daily life. Just the sound of it is heavenly, right? Resting, being still so we can meet with Him, to know Him as we realign our thoughts and ways to His. A time to notice what is around us and be with those who we hold dearly. Even Jesus took time for rest with those He held dearly, His disciples (Mark 6:32).

If a full day of rest seems overwhelming there are also mini-Shabbat rests where you can push the pause button.

Here are 3 simple ways to push the pause button anytime:

  • Breathe. Take a moment and breathe deeply. Imagine you’re at your favorite place. Be aware of your breathing. Did it slow down? Next imagine how it felt to be there. Feel the air around you, hear the sounds. Now breathe in for four counts and breathe out for four counts. Feel it in your toes. Do these two to four times and as often as you need it during the day.
  • Be in the moment. When you’re with family and friends, turn off all electronics. Eliminate distractions. Sit face to face and intentionally look into their eyes as you talk. Don’t assume or interrupt but eagerly listen to what they have to say. These are memories that we take with us where ever we go.
  • Keep it simple. Keep meal planning, conversations and expectations simple. Let go of negative emotions. Forgive, show love and be kind to yourself first and then to others.

The goal of resting is not to escape by sleeping or sitting in front of a television but to engage with life. Setting aside everyday life to live and breathe with God our Creator so we feel His heartbeat as one with ours. To enjoy family and friends sharing a meal. To look into the eyes of those we love or cherish. Resting is good for the soul (mind), Spirit and body. It’s a time for saying yes to the things that matter most. God, family, friends and rest.