Autumn 2018

v. offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another.
"the cost of obtaining such information needs to be balanced against its benefits"


Ever ask yourself: “What would my life look like if I had balance”?

Racing minds and hearts rarely live in the moment. I know that feeling well.  It left me tired, cranky and drained. One day, I stopped long enough to catch my breath. Busyness was my identity. I enjoyed being productive, getting things done to the point seeing all the checks on my to do list.  It didn't happen overnight. It all came at a price. I paid for it with my happiness.

Spending too much time thinking of others left little or no time for me. Simply, I had no balance. I needed some self-care pronto! It took an airline steward to give me my first self-care lesson by instructing me to put my oxygen mask on first before I could help some else. Imagine that!

My life has balance when I:

Let my heart sing
Live in my purpose
Understand time has value
Set healthy boundaries
Take mini vacations (grown-up timeouts)


Here are the 5 ways I added balance to my life:

  1. Know what makes your heart sing
    • go for a walk
    • pray and journal
    • go for a walk with a friend and pray
    • organize clutter
    • be creative
    • serve others
    • do fun things- unrelated to work
    • visit friends and get a manicure or a pedicure
    • find a trustworthy hairstylist and ask their opinion
  2. Know your strengths:
    Psalm 139:14 tells us we are fearfully and wonderfully made and how marvelous are God’s works

    • Learn your temperament- your inborn traits. It provides an understanding of how you are wired
    • Let Scripture tell you who you are
    • Find a Life Coach who is passionate about helping you pursue your purpose
  3. Know how you will spend your time:
    • Plan your time
    • Create a schedule and stick to it. Look at every 15 minutes
    • Make a move forward with your dreams or goals
    • Accept that you are in control of how you time is spent
  4. Know how to say no
    • Saying no gives opportunity to say yes to something else. Try it. It’s freeing
    • practice on a friend- they'll understand (if they don’t, find one that does)
  5. Take a mini vacation:
    • Take a time out or as I call it- a “mini vacation”
    • Notice your breathing. You may want to take some deep breaths
    • Let your breath reach your toes and go out your fingertips releasing tension
    • Close your eyes and be transported to somewhere you love. Be still and use your 5 senses to experience the moment

Journal what you’re learning. Focus on yourself, let go of what does not work to focus on what does.

Do it today, do it now.

Enjoy finding your happy place.

Deborah Skomba’s heart sings as she has found her purpose and plan in being a Certified Relationship and Life Coach, Licensed Christian Counselor, Mentor and Teacher creating safe places where people can open-up to the presence of Jesus and move forward into the life they love. She married the man of her dreams 35 years ago, is learning how to mother her adult married children and is having the time of her life being a grandmother.