Thanksgiving 2021

Shalom, my friends,

Are you counting your blessings by how many settings are on your table?

Or where you’re going to spend thanksgiving?

We have so much to be grateful for this year.

Just by reading the newspaper or listening to the news, you would think there isn’t much to be grateful or thankful for.

Oh, BUT there is! Don’t know what to be grateful for?

Start counting blessings by writing them each day in a gratitude journal.

Here are five suggestions to make the best of the next few days:

  • Take time to rest before the big day.
  • Take time to pray to let go of unforgiveness and let God fill you with His love.
  • Take time to enjoy each moment to capture memories that last a lifetime.
  • Take time to reflect on what you have been given. They are gifts from a Loving Father.
  • Take time to love on others to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Try not so much to be understood as to understand this year- it’s been a tough one for many.

If you’re welcoming others into your home, be a safe place for engaging conversation, and remember to invite Jesus to have a seat at your table. After all, it is Him to who we are giving our thanks.

If you’re going elsewhere for your meal, be grateful for all the work that goes into preparing this feast. It is a feast, isn’t it? Turkey and all the trimmings, plus whatever else is your tradition.

In this busy time, I truly pray for you to find Jesus in the celebration.

Among your family, at the table, and in your conversation - have eyes to see how He has blessed you. Have ears to hear His words that will be said to one another and a heart that is thankful for all you are, for all you have, and all you have to offer.

Thanksgiving has been declared a day to give God thanks for all we have and all He has done for us. We are still a blessed people.

Heartfully yours,