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"Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." Eph. 4:29 KJV

How do you stop the fight over finances to have better communication?

I'm so glad you asked!

It starts with watching your words! You've been wanting to set sail toward better communication to have a lasting heart-to-heart connection but found yourself stuck in the harbor? Are you ready to leave behind those words that are the barriers that keep you from having better communication?

Are you with me?

It's about effective communication. You may find yourself grappling with a lack of communication skills, which may contribute to unresolved conflicts, a loss of connection, or other identified pain points keeping you lost at sea navigating the emotional waters.

Communication is not merely about the exchange of words; it's

  • a deliberate act of investing in the emotional wealth of the relationship.
  • setting aside dedicated time for meaningful conversations. This goes beyond discussing schedules and responsibilities.
  • about delving into each other's hearts and addressing the loneliness or loss of connection.

Communication extends beyond spoken words; it helps with expressing the intricate tapestry of emotions, fears, and dreams that shape the essence of a relationship. It means you'll need to be vulnerable, which becomes a cornerstone for building trust – a foundational element for a marriage that withstands the tests of time. For trust or unresolved conflicts, open and vulnerable communication becomes a pathway to healing.

Prayer keeps you together when you want to run the other way. Let's face it: who wants open and honest communication unless it's been bathed in prayer? It becomes a beautiful way to infuse divine guidance and wisdom into discussions, creating an atmosphere where God's love becomes the guiding force. You can bring your concerns, fears, and hopes to a higher power, fostering a sense of unity in their spiritual journey.

Allow your hearts to be open with honest dialogue, offering and receiving the love of God to permeate your words, bringing healing to wounds and fortifying the bonds of love. In this sacred communication space, you may find the strength to navigate challenges and the joy of discovering new facets of each other's hearts.

There you have it: effective communication is rooted in love, grounded in authenticity, becoming a vessel for God's grace to flow through marriages. Navigate the open sea before you with effective communication, understanding, and connection, creating a canopy of love woven with threads of shared dreams and aspirations. You're doing the hard work for a successful voyage, and a thriving and enduring marriage will be your reward.