The most successful people know the benefits of investing in themselves through having a Life Coach. Gaining a new perspective involves taking a risk, moving forward involves living outside of your comfort zone and living with new found certainty causes you to come alive!

Getting to know the “Real Me”, your temperament is a great place to start. Temperament identifies your strengths, weaknesses, needs and wants. With 93% accuracy, understanding your Temperament has proven the test of time and legitimacy for relationship building. The more you know about yourself the more you’ll be able to grow in becoming your unique self.

“Real Me” Christian Life Coaching package includes:

(8) 50-minute Zoom or Phone coaching calls

  • Temperament Assessment
  • How you process information, social situations
  • How much control/responsibility you want
  • How to manage your emotions
  • Explanation of Personalized Temperament results with added insight
  • Development of your unique plan and purpose
  • Reframe your perspective
  • Understanding of who you are in Christ
  • Know and understand your love language
  • Know and understand your spiritual gifting
  • Utilization of Wheel of Life, SMART Goals and Action Plan tools
  • Learn effective prayer strategies

This coaching package is great place to start.

Remember, today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities!

If you are motivated to keep moving forward, “Real Me” is available in a continual customized package.

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