Why is “What Matters Most” Premarital Coaching so important?

As a Relational and Life Coach with 10 years’ experience of working with engaged couples, we will be talking about “what matters most” in a marriage at a much deeper level. Receive time tested tools that will help a marriage last through life’s many trials while still maintaining a loving healthy relationship. At completion, you will have a personalized plan for your journey together.

“What Matters Most” Premarital Christian Coaching package includes:

(8) Zoom or Phone 50-minute couple coaching calls

  • Administer and review results of Temperament Assessment (knowing strengths, weaknesses and needs)
  • Establish prayer format (keeping God at the center of your marriage)
  • Need for “Power of Agreement”
  • Biblical perspective of intimacy and sexuality needs
  • Communication by Temperament (express to be heard)
  • Rules for Conflict (open dialog no matter what)
  • Rule and Role Concept Comparison - (who will do what)
  • Budget Form and Finances by Temperament (planning for now and the future)

Remember, today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities!

If you are motivated to keep moving forward, “What Matters Most” is available in a continual customized package.

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