“We, You and Me” Christian Relationship Coaching package takes out the guess work in relationships. This package is for those who long for better understanding in their marriages and friendships- whether personal or professional.

We were made for relationships through connectedness, closeness and communication whether personal or professional. Healthy relationships - not based on emotions - but on trust- provide for meaningful conversations and quality time.

You were thinking, “if only it were that easy?” Well, it is possible to have the relationship you are seeking. There are timeless Biblical principles and coaching tools showing how to pursue and keep healthy relationships.

Me. Me.. Me… “What about me?” Feeling empty or frustrated with your relationship? Receive individual attention to explore your reaction to daily contact with others by measuring actions and responses. Seeing who you are in Christ, how you are wired with temperament and learning relationship skills will reveal your authentic self. You can obtain lasting change!

“We, You and Me” Christian Relationship Coaching package includes:

(8) 50-minute Zoom or Phone coaching calls

  • Temperament Assessment; Learning Strengths, Weaknesses, Needs and Wants with added insight
  • Use coaching tools to set goals, assess life balances and create action plan
  • Learn skills on how to be heard
  • Learn skills on how to listen
  • Learn how to ask better questions
  • Learn how to create safe boundaries
  • Learn how to be a friend
  • Learn how to have a better marriage
  • Learn effective ways to be more relational

Remember, today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities!

If you are motivated to keep moving forward, “We, You and Me” is available in a continual customized package.

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