Premarital Coaching

Why is Christian premarital coaching so important? Imagine this: Its six months after your wedding and little things you used to think were “cute” are now starting to really bug you. Or your spouse isn’t quite as attentive as when you were first married. Maybe your husband says that money is “tight” and is starting to be a bit overbearing or your wife is already talking about wanting to start a family and you are not ready to think about being a father. What if you’re from one faith tradition and your spouse is from another.

Your fairy tale image of a happy marriage is crumbling in the face of the many problems. Perhaps you think that you made a big mistake getting married. After all, you both were so in love and thought that was all you needed to make a marriage last.

At Heart to Heart Coaching, we rely on Temperament Therapy or on Prepare/Enrich - two Christian assessment tools that show how a Godly marriage can last a lifetime.

Marital Coaching

couple-praying-togetherCareer, kids, extended family all one big whirl? Forgot why you got married? Christian marital coaching helps you achieve your goal(s) for a healthy marriage that God intended. We are passionate about helping husbands and wives focus on the blessings and joys of a traditional marriage.

The breakdown of communication is at the top of reasons why there is a loss of companionship and intimacy. It does not matter if you are just married or have been married for years, Temperament Therapy with "Gods instruction book" - the Bible - will provide the tools that are needed for long term success!