“Real Me” Coaching

Download the "5 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Everyday Life".

Ready to invest in yourself? The most successful people know the benefits of investing in themselves through having a Life Coach. Gaining a new perspective involves taking a risk, moving forward involves living outside of your comfort zone and living with new found certainty causes you to come alive.

In getting to know the “Real Me”, your temperament is a great place to start. Based on in-born traits, it is the equipping of your God-given purpose. You will be able to identify strengths, weaknesses, needs and wants. With 93% accuracy, it has proven the test of time and legitimacy. You will better understand how you process information, how to manage your emotions, and recognize self-sabotaging thoughts. The more you know about yourself the more you’ll grow.

Real Me 3-month package includes:

  • (9) 50-minute Zoom or Phone Coaching calls
  • Temperament Assessment
    • How you process information, social situations
    • How much control/responsibility you want
    • How to manage your emotions
  • Explanation of Personalized Temperament results with added insight
  • Development of your unique plan and purpose
  • Reframe your perspective
  • Understanding of who you are in Christ
  • Know and understand your love language
  • Know and understand your spiritual gifting
  • Choice of Wheel of Life, SMART Goals or Action Plan tool
  • Learn effective prayer strategies

This coaching package is great place to start. If you are motivated to keep moving forward, this is available as a continual customized package.

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“You, We and Me” Coaching

This is my biggest coaching package and it is for those who long for better understanding in their marriages, friendships, and with workplace acquittances.

We were made for relationships with connectedness, closeness and communication. Whether personal or professional, relationships with healthy boundaries, are built to last and are based on trust, meaningful conversations, encouragement and quality time. Understanding the “we” concept doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible with biblical truths.

You were thinking, if only it were that easy? It is possible to have the relationships you are seeking. Learning how you think as well as understanding that others may not think as you do, will help. Any change that you want to see in your life, begins with you.


The more you know about yourself the more you’ll grow into your authentic self. How well you take care of yourself, self-care, will determine how well your life will be. If you want better relationships, a better life, then you need to be a better “me”.

We, You and Me 3-month Coaching Package includes:

  • (9) 50-minute Zoom or Phone Coaching Calls
  • Temperament Assessment
  • Learning Strengths, Weaknesses, Needs and Wants with added insight
  • Learn how to be heard
  • Learn how to listen
  • Learn how to ask better questions
  • How to create safe boundaries
  • Learn how to be a friend
  • Learn how to have a better marriage
  • Learn how to be a better leader

We are in a coaching relationship. Me, you and I will tailor this package to meet your needs.

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“Power Up” Coaching

Intensive coaching of your choice to either explore, discover, gain perspective, make an effective choice, share your dreams, clarify your direction, face a challenge, change a habit, take a risk, develop an action plan.

Power Up is what you are looking for. It is for the experienced coaching client seeking laser focus for the next step or level of their personal or professional life.

Power Up Coaching Session includes:

  • (1) 2 Hour Zoom or Phone Coaching Call
  • Intensive coaching ending session with an action plan or steps.

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“What Matters Most” Premarital Coaching

Engaged or thinking they might be the one? Be ready to build your relationship or marriage on a firm foundation. During our 8 sessions together we will have fun unpacking what matters most in your relationship or marriage so that you can face the ups and downs >> the good, bad, ugly and the beautiful of your life together with Christ as your center, using the H.E.A.R.T. Power Tools, along with the other tools listed below for your toolbox that will last a lifetime. We believe trust and clarity are just as important as, to have and to hold.

“What Matters Most” Premarital Coaching Package Includes:

  • (8) Zoom or Phone 50-minute Couple Sessions
  • Administer and review results of Temperament Assessment (knowing strengths, weaknesses and needs)
  • Establish prayer format (keeping God at the center of your marriage)
  • Need for “Power of Agreement”
  • Biblical perspective of intimacy and sexuality needs
  • Communication by Temperament (express to be heard)
  • Rules for Conflict (open dialog no matter what)
  • Rule and Role Concept Comparison- (who will do what)
  • Budget Form and Finances by Temperament (planning for now and the future)

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“Stronger Marriage” Coaching

Some couples need a “tune-up” from time to time – to get back on track. Let’s face it, relationships need work – they need TLC! During our time together, we will discover what’s missing, what’s changed, what’s interfered with intimacy. And Guys, this isn’t about sex. Ladies I get you. You will be equipped with the H.E.A.R.T. Power Tools and a desire to keep investing in your Christ-centered marriage and be confident there is no need for a ‘trade-in”.

“Stronger Marriage” Coaching Package includes:

  • (8) Zoom or Phone 50 - minute Sessions
  • Review Temperament Assessment Results
  • Understanding strengths, weaknesses and needs
  • Structured Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution

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